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The hideout gaming center


Welcome to the Hideout Gaming Center, a non profit organization where fun and safety meet for your child's ultimate gaming experience! Founded by Daryl King, supported by his wife Lakisha Vest and partners Darryl and Tiffanie Clark, our center is dedicated to providing a safe and entertaining environment for kids to learn and grow. Located in the heart of Auburn, NY, the Hideout offers a wide range of gaming activities for children of all ages.


From the latest video games to classic board games and everything in between, there's something for everyone at the Hideout. Our mission is to create a space where kids can be themselves, make new friends, and explore their interests in a safe and welcoming environment. With a focus on community and inclusivity, we strive to make every visit to the Hideout a memorable one.


Join us at the Hideout Gaming Center and let the fun begin!


At The Hideout Gaming Center, Inc., our mission is to create a nurturing and inclusive space for individuals, especially children, to explore the world of video games. We are dedicated to fostering personal growth, community engagement, and empowerment through innovative programs and support services. Through the exciting realm of gaming, we aim to instill values of inclusivity, creativity, and leadership, providing a haven where every individual can discover their potential, connect with like-minded enthusiasts, and embark on a journey of shared adventure. 


Our vision at The Hideout Gaming Center, Inc. is to foster an environment where kids can have fun, learn, and engage in activities without concerns for their well-being. We aspire to encourage creativity, inclusivity, and innovation through gaming, competitions, and events that stimulate imagination, and teamwork, and build confidence. By providing a dynamic and immersive gaming experience, we envision creating a lasting positive impact on individuals and society. Our ultimate goal is to be the leading destination that empowers the next generation, shaping a community where gaming is not just a pastime but a transformative force for personal and social enrichment.


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